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<July 2020>
Workshop at GlasCraft in Gothenburg

During a four day workshop at GlasCraft in Sävedalen, Sweden, Dynamo is preparing for the next exhibition at Gallery S12 in Bergen, Norway.

The working title is Öye blikk - Moments, and is challenging the group by making one art work, based on one interpretation.


Workshop in Kosta

Given the opportunity to work at the spacious Kosta Glascenter, the glass school in Kosta for a week, we were able to develop the ideas about the theme koffert as a group, rather than individual artists.

Workshop at GlasCraft

During the workshop at GlasCraft in Sävedalen, the group continued to work on objects related to Communication. This weekend also gave an opportunity to talk about contemporary art, visit galleries, museums and define DYNAMO Glass as a collective.

Pictures from workshop »


Meeting in Oslo

This was the first meeting since the workshop at Møbelfabrikken, when all the members of DYNAMO Glass were present. An excellent opportunity to debrief the show in Helsinki and plan for the next exhibition in Berlin. With the words, which the visitors at galleri Norsu left us, and the shipping experience in mind, koffert -meaning suitcase, both in swedish and norwegian, became the obvious theme for the following show.

Workshop on Bornholm


Dynamo’s first meeting and workshop was originally initiated as a reunion for the members of DYNAMO Glass who had been graduating from the Glass And Ceramics School on Bornholm, Denmark. During a weeklong workshop at Møbelfabrikken on Bornholm, Ina K Hove and Lene Lunde joined Anna Roger, Kjersti Johannessen, Louise Olsson and Tuva Gonsholt. DYNAMO Glass was founded. Communication, the core of the art of glassblowing and being a human being, was chosen as a working title for the workshop.